Stories for the Children

Bedtime at the Swamp
Bedtime at the Swamp By Crow, Kristyn Book - 2008

Annotation:There's a MONSTER in the swamp!!! Yikes! A great read with lots of repetition and the opportunity to make lots of noise!

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark By Schwartz, Alvin, 1927-1992 Book - 1981

Annotation:I have found that kids LOVE to be scared but of course they will never admit it! These stories range from down right funny to just the right amount of creepy for grades 3 and up.

Pete the Cat
Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes By Litwin, Eric Book - 2010

Annotation:A sing song book with a great moral. EVERYONE loves this book when I read it.

Shoo, Fly Guy!
Shoo, Fly Guy! By Arnold, Tedd Book - 2006

Annotation:The fly can say his name!! What is his name? Buzzzzzzzz

Parts By Arnold, Tedd Book - 1997

Annotation:The grey stuff coming out of my nose? BRAINS!!! Kids love this silly book. I once read it to preschoolers who may have took it a bit seriously!! But they still loved it! "Really? Teeth fall out? ewwwww"

I'd Really Like to Eat A Child
I'd Really Like to Eat A Child By Donnio, Sylviane Book - 2007

Annotation:The big bad alligator wants to eat a child. This terrifying tale is full of suspence, defiance and food!!! A great twist ending has kids moaning anf graoning!

Busy Lizzie
Busy Lizzie By Berry, Holly Book - 1994

Annotation:Body parts galore! We all have them and we all use them! A great action book for the little guys.

Llama, Llama Red Pajama
Llama, Llama Red Pajama By Dewdney, Anna Book - 2005

Annotation:Llama drama at its finest! A good read for anyone.

The Chair Where Bear Sits
The Chair Where Bear Sits By Wardlaw, Lee, 1955- Book - 2001

Annotation:Want audience participation? This is the book for you! Great for the early elementary ages.

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This is a list of books that I frequently use during storytimes, Sing Sign Laugh and Learn and other kids programs at the library.

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